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How Can I Make Money On Monday?

The Dallas Investor's Forum (DIF) is the outgrowth of the D/FW CAN SLIM® Study Group that began in 1992. Anyone with an interest in investing is welcome.

The Forum tries to focus on opportunities that result in "How Can I Make Money On Monday?" Many members are excellent traders using different strategies. They are always willing to share their thoughts and help out new attendees. You are invited to attend and bring a friend. This Forum is a great venue to learn about various ways to invest and meet some great people too.

DIF usually meets on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month and begins at 8:30 a.m. The meeting cost is $20. Check your DIF emails for information on DIF meetings.

Peter Larsen: On Saturday, January 21, we begin the New Year with a guest speaker from New York by the name of Jordan Kimmel. He is a New Jersey Registered Investment Advisory and manages four different stock portfolios, including one that emphasizes dividends. What really caught my interest is that one of these portfolios allows him to go to all cash if the market dictates. Since the middle of this year his growth portfolios was up well over the market, and yes I know we had a great Trump bump. For me the ability to go to cash was very important as we looked back on the 2008 / 2009 debacle. Please realize it took the S&P  till 2013 to come even with the top of 2007.

DIF's meeting location is the Angelika Theater, near the Mockingbird light rail station, just Northeast of Central Expressway and Mockingbird.

Recent Speakers at DIF have included: Exxon Mobile, Alon USA Energy, Petro Hunt, Strategic Investing, Investor's Business Daily, Energy Prospectus Group, Peter Mauthe, Dallas Federal Reserve,Westwood Management, Armchair Investor, Beacon Bay Asset Management, TRIF Technologies, John Mauldin, Jordan Kimmel, Chris Camillo, Marc Chaikin, Christopher Castroviejo, Jim Willis, and John Vandermosten, Zacks Investment Research.

The meeting format is typically:

0830 Welcome new attendees + Upcoming investing events
0845 Economic Update
0920 Break
0930 Guest Speaker Presentation
1045 Pass the Microphone; General Q&A
1100 Adjourn